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How to Add More Apps to iPad?

This very brief tutorial will show you how to add Apps to the dock on your iPad. By default, Apple includes 4 apps in your iPad’s Dock - Safari, Mail, Photos and iPod. But that doesn’t mean you can’t add more. Here we will introduce how to Add More Apps to iPad to meet your needs.

Step by step to add apps to iPad:

Step 1: Locate an App you want to add to the dock. Tap it and hold down on your screen until all the App icons start to "wiggle". In this example I’m going to move the iBooks app to my Dock.

Step 2: Now just drag the App down to the Dock and while it’s hovering over the Dock, let go of it with your finger.

add apps to ipad

Step 3: Ta-da! It’s now a part of your Dock. You can add another app for a total of 6 in the iPad Dock. It’s also very much worth noting that you can remove the default apps from your iPad Dock and replace them with others. When you remove them from the dock, they will be moved to your home screen - so they’re never really “gone”.

add more apps to ipad

It's OK, If you want to add some bookmarks to safari on your iPad, please click Add Bookmarks to Safari.

Now you have know how to add your favorite apps to iPad, actually, you can also add an amazing videos to iPad for watching. But first you need to ensure that the video format is supported by iPad. Video Converter for Mac can convert almost all of the video and audio files to iPad format on Mac OS X.

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